"Melt Your Heart In Our Flames"

✦ Crystal / Brynhildr / The Goblet / Ward 10/ Plot 13✦
Open Mondays from 9pm-11pm EST.


✦1.) Fire N' Ice does NOT allow, encourage, or tolerate ANY forms of racism or harassment of any kind.

✦2.) While our business is SFW, we require both patrons and staff to be 18 years of age or older both IC/OOC.

✦3.) If a staff member becomes uncomfortable for any reason, you are to immediately stop. If you do not, you will be asked to leave the establishment. Repeat offenders will be blacklisted from the venue.

The Owners...

Katrina Marie

Owner • DJ • ♀ • 32 • Bisexual (Female Lean) • Kitsune

“Nothing in this life is constant, nor is anything written. It is what we do with the life that we are given, and the path that we walk that defines the person we are and the person we choose to become..”

Anathema Crowley

Owner • ♀ • 27 • Straight • Kitsune

"I do what Kat tells me to do."


Maya Eisley

Marketing Admin• ♀ • 29 • Bisexual • Miqo'Bun

"It's your time to shine, darling."

K'enion Sekhan

Receptionist • ♀ • 45 • Bisexual • Half Miqo'te/Half Dragon

"What?! You want me to help you out with a problem? Please...maybe if you pay I might consider it."

Sven Svenach

Host • ♂ • 41 • Homosexual • Hrothgar

"I'll take a glass of th' house rrrred, an' jus' trrrrot that steak by th' firrrre then send it on out."

Meet our Staff

Kaza Baka

Host • ♂ • 30 • Homosexual • Miqo'te

"Relax friend. Don't let the gruff exterior fool you...I'm a sweetheart."

U'quih Tia

Host • ♂ • Late 20s • Homosexual • Miqo'te


Rei Aiko

Hostess • ♀ • 24 • Lesbian • Viera

"Lets dance beneath the Stars and forget about the world"

Kinara Nym

Bartender • ♀ • 23 • Lesbian • Viera

"You know, you can tell a lot about a person based on what they drink."

X'iza Thugaia

Hostess • ♀ • 21 • Bisexual • Miqo'te

"A lioness will use all of her strength even when hunting a rabbit.”

Kevolt Frost

Hostess • ♀ • 30 • Homosexual • Viera

"Where's the Party At?!"

Laven Sumyang

Laven Sumyang

Bouncer • ♀ • 98 • Lesbian • Viera
"Hi there, well if you do not be nice and respectful then you will find out if the sword is just ceremonial."